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Warning: New LinkedIn Feature Could Out Job Seekers to Their Current Company

LinkedIn is at it again. They’re messing with their secret sauce to… well, who knows why. But it could have unintended consequences for employed job seekers trying to keep their search on the down-low.

Savvy job seekers know to turn off the alerts on their LinkedIn profile. A bunch of notifications of profile changes can let people at your current company know that you are on the hunt.

But LinkedIn has released a new feature to some accounts that overrides the general “no notifications” setting. Some users, when updating experience, have reported a pre-selected box that announces a change in company or roles to contacts.

Look carefully before you click “save.” Make sure to un-check any box that might broadcast your changes.

Thanks to Rosa Vargas, Norine Dagliano, and The National Resume Writers’ Association for bringing this to light!

What should you do if you’re “caught” updating your LinkedIn profile?

While it’s not ideal to reveal a LinkedIn revamp to your colleagues, it’s usually not the end of the world either. There is no professional whose on-the-job performance would not be enhanced by having a strong network to draw on for ideas and potential partnerships. Just practice talking about your updates comfortably. If a breech happens, you might even want to proactively mention your LinkedIn activity to your boss. One innocuous way is to share a good idea or article you found on LinkedIn and mention what a terrific resource it’s been in helping to achieve a specific goal your boss has set for you.

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How to Create a Plain Text Resume, aka ASCII Resume, From Word: Easy Version

Ever wonder how to upload your resume to a job board? Or why it gets garbled when you copy and paste it into your LinkedIn profile or a job application portal on a company website?

While I don’t advocate running your job search by applying for advertised opportunities, knowing how to translate your resume into a universal format is important. In the video below, I’ve explained the basics. Later this week, I’ll be showing how to handle translation of more complex formats.

If you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. Enjoy!

(Be sure to click the HD button on the upper right side of the player for better resolution.)

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Video: No Dream Job Yet? It Could Be Your Resume

“Kim, my resume was holding me back, and I had no idea until months later.”

This was my respected friend and colleague, Jason Alba of in a conversation we had the other day. He started his company out of frustration with the CRM tools available (or not available) for job seekers.

But once you build a strong network and have a system to keep it alive and growing, you’ll still have to provide a powerful marketing document (aka resume) at some point in your job search.

So Jason and I are teaming up to offer a highly actionable training webinar that will get your resume loaded for bear.

Update: You can view the webinar below!


Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM MDT (note: that is MOUNTAIN TIME. Schedule this appropriately based on your own time zone)

Sign up here.

Whether you want a straightforward approach to writing your own resume or would like to get a feel for how I work, this is the place to be.

Here are some things we’ll talk about:

The Resume Black Hole: What Happens After I Hit “Submit?” Talking about what the ATS is (software that analyses your resume, but I’ll go into more depth).

Navigating The Black Hole: How Do I Give Myself a Fighting Chance With an Electronic Screener?

Beyond the Black Hole: How Can I Optimize My Resume to Appeal to Human Decision-Makers? Sharing simple formulas for how to write your opening profile, work history, education, and extras. I’ll also include some Word templates to get you started since most people have trouble formatting their own resumes and Word’s templates are pretty bad for visual and technical reasons (i.e. ATS systems don’t read tables properly and Word templates involve many tables).

Sign up here.

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