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LinkedIn: The Most Attractive Candidates are on the Down Low

TETRRF-00013265-001Sometimes, being on the down-low can put you in the spotlight. If you’re currently employed it’s critical that you keep your “job seeker” status a secret from the worldwide web—and not just for the reason you think. A toe-in-the-sand approach can serve you well if you’re hoping to be found by recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn.


Use your LinkedIn profile to promote your current company and yourself as its ambassador.

Don’t make your LinkedIn summary a cheesy description of yourself as a “goal-oriented, self-motivated, bla bla bla something.” I’m already asleep. Aside from putting people to sleep, a cookie-cutter description like this outs you to your employer and interested recruiters as an “active” job candidate.

“But,” some of you say, “My boss knows I’m looking.” To that, I say, it doesn’t matter. If you have a job, count your lucky stars that you can present yourself as a “passive” candidate, one who is (or appears to be) thriving and contributing in their current environment. Though there is debate about this in the recruiting community, recruiters focusing on passive job seekers usually win that debate.

So, whether or not you have a job, don’t put things in your headline like “Looking for next opportunity.” Don’t use the silly job seeker icon offered to premium LinkedIn members. And, for the sake of all that is holy, if you have a job:

Use your LinkedIn summary to cement the image of you as making unique, valuable contributions to your current company, and invite investors, clients, and others in your company’s target market to connect so that you can help them realize the benefits of working with such a fine institution.


Hey, this is also just good practice for being excellent in your current role. LinkedIn is a great way to get new clients, partners, and ideas.


If you don’t have a job, don’t despair. By putting the real you out there in the world and using proper job search techniques (aka not relying on job boards) you will find an opening. You should use every asset to your advantage, and having a job is one asset some job seekers have, just as others have rigorous training, unique work or life experience, or a rockin’ network of supporters.

Below is an example of how you can present yourself as an ambassador of your current employer in your LinkedIn summary. Do this now. You never know what could happen tomorrow that will cause your boss or HR to be suspicious of even the most innocent LinkedIn updates.


I take great pride in providing research and healthcare facilities with the technology they need to stay on the cutting edge. But you can only be on the cutting edge of research and care if you are meeting your business goals.

As an executive product sales specialist for Acme Healthcare, I grow my business by helping my clients grow theirs. I’m committed to understanding their business as well as they do and to knowing my competitor’s equipment as well as my own so I can give advice that is honest and effective. My clients know that I help their facilities reach both business and quality-of-care goals. I’ve achieved 50% market share against Philips, Siemens, and GE by helping them build their brand, generate referrals, and add high-margin revenue.

Within Acme, I’m most excited about nurturing the culture and helping up-and-coming sales specialists adopt effective strategies for competitive intelligence, visibility, and creative thinking that enable them to meet or exceed plan, even in a tumultuous market. To this end, I’ve headed a grassroots campaign to engage remote employees and taken the initiative to enhance the onboarding, training, and mentoring of new sales hires.

I’ve won personal and territory awards for top sales performance every year of my tenure, including several “Sigma Awards” for top 1% performance. But I’m most proud of the “Hero’s Award” conferred by the president and CEO of Acme Healthcare for my contribution of infrastructure and strategies that brought employees nationwide fully into the Acme fold.

My love of leadership was born early in my career as a diagnostic imaging manager, overseeing teams as large as 22. Working in hospitals and research facilities has also given me the clinical understanding to help my clients realize their full potential.

If you run a research or healthcare facility and need new strategies for strengthening your brand, growing referrals, and adding profitable modalities, let’s talk!

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