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Three Ways to Get in Touch with Your Destiny—Yes, You!!!

I took this photo in Rishikesh, India. I thought I was just there for a yoga class, but the powerful teacher, Rudra Dev, asked me then and there to commit to the path of Raja yoga. Can you say "destiny?"

I took this photo in Rishikesh, India. I thought I was just there for a yoga class, but the powerful teacher, Rudra Dev, asked me then and there to commit to the path of Raja yoga. Can you say “destiny?”

If you have this one thing in place, you’ll probably manage fine in your career whether you read my blog or not.


Without it, you’ll likely feel stuck, even if you osmose the combined career wisdom of me and all of my colleagues.


That thing is a connection to your destiny.


You most certainly have a destiny. Whether or not you know it or are connected to it, it’s there, waiting to facilitate your one-in-seven-billion contribution to spaceship Earth.


Everyone I’ve worked with who’s achieved greatness has always known they would. And when doubt has crept in, they still acted as if their success was pre-ordained.


Last week, I worked with a mogul who started out as an RN. Injured and home on disability, she applied to business jobs just for fun. She was snapped up almost immediately, excelled at the business side of healthcare, and opened up her own shop. Things were tight, though. She was still working as a per-diem nurse to make ends meet. Finances were so bad that she had no gas to drive to a per diem gig she’d gotten. So she went to a department store, smooth-talked them into giving cash back for a belt she’d purchased months earlier, and used that for her gas money.


She had her doubts that night that things were going to work out. But from then on, her business was booming. It was as if she had to demonstrate that she was really serious and would go to any lengths to succeed. She built a second business for a combined revenue of a quarter of a billion dollars and revolutionized what was possible in her industry.


Another client from a Southeast Asian country had a low-level job at a telecom company. But his sights were set much higher. He applied to multinational companies, wanting to fulfill his dream of working globally at an executive level. Well, he got a call from a worldwide consumer goods firm that involved developing “distributor” channels. To this day, he believes this was an accident of the applicant tracking system, because his resume was rife with telecom references to a different kind of “distributor.”


The client is now making in the mid-six figures (in US dollars) as an executive who’s worked in three countries and pioneered green business practices in new industries and markets.


Are you connected with your destiny?


If your arms are figuratively crossed in skepticism, pessimism, or feelings of unworthiness, it’s unlikely that your destiny will be able to get a foot in the door. Here are some ideas of how to get a dialogue (and some physical deliveries) going in the destiny department.


  1.       Experiment: The book E-Squared is a cool, scientific method approach to the law of attraction, written by a former skeptic who creates experiments you can do to see if the Universe really has your back or if it’s all just a bunch of woo-woo hooey. I did the first couple of experiments in this book with amazing results. It kind of petered off for me because I was already at the point of, “Duh! I know this works, and I want to manifest more than a cup of coffee.”


  1.       Give Thanks: Keep a gratitude journal or start a regular practice of listing all of the things you are thankful for. Think about it, why would your destiny show up in a big way if its small tokens of affection go unnoticed?


  1.       Notice: Big changes can be made in life simply by noticing, without judgment. Just be present. This sounds like trite advice, and I admit that it seems to be plastered to every self-help book and yoga studio logo. Though I’d heard it many times, the book Taming Your Gremlin delivered a big “Aha!” for me. Noticing really is enough. You’ll start to see some pretty amazing plans your destiny has for you, and you might even observe that every triumph and failure in your life has set you up to shine in this next, exciting chapter.


As Steve Jobs said in his famous address to Stanford graduates, “You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

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