Idea to Neutralize Job Search Fear

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I spoke with an IT client today who was worried that, with her broad-based background, she would be perceived as a “Jacquelyn of all trades.”

In almost every job search, or life transition of any kind, the fears start rearing their ugly heads.

As you think about your career, what are you afraid of?

Do you fear that you are too old; too young; the wrong sex, race, religion, or body type to succeed?

Do you fear you won’t make enough money? That you’ll get hired and be discovered for the “fraud” that you are?

Here’s an idea:
What if the opposite was true?
What if your destiny is to be right where you are, riding the updrafts of every bit of your life that led you here? What if this is your time to shine? And what if tomorrow and tomorrow and then next day are too? What if failure is or was a necessary path to your success?
Napoleon Hill tells a story about a man who gave up on his gold mine just feet before striking rich. He sold his claim only to watch the next owner become extremely wealthy. But that man went on to be a great success in the insurance business. He always remembered that fear had made him stop just before the big payoff, so he spent the rest of his life moving forward as if the opposite of his fears were true.
Is there room in this idea for practicality? Aren’t there times, after all, when you’ve fought the good fight and it’s time to refocus your energy? Yes, of course. But I would suggest that those decisions are made from a place of reason and love.
In my experience, when fear is involved, it is an indication that the thing you fear is the key to your success.
As for my IT executive, I assured her that once we neutralized the possible fear of employers that her knowledge was broad, but not deep, the wealth of her experience would be seen as a boon. We’ll use some business cases to demonstrate the extent of her understanding and strategy. Then her knowledge of multiple industries from software development, automation, and business analyst viewpoints will indeed become a strength.
So, what is your fear? Imagine for a moment that the opposite is true.

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