ONCE UPON A RESUME: Expressing Depth and Impact in a Fast-Moving Marketing Career

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Once_Upon_a_Resume_2_EXPRESSING_DEPTH_AND_IMPACT_IN_A_FAST-MOVING_MARKETING_CAREER_Movin_On_Up_ResumesMarketing executives don’t tend to last very long (45 months on average as of 2014, which is nearly double that of the 2006 numbers). Still, Nancy felt insecure about her early career, in which she’d changed jobs frequently due to her family situation.

What she had going for her was decent-length tenures at her last two companies, a list of iconic employers, and fresh strategies that yielded significant business results.

I wanted Nancy’s strongest assets to be expressed on the first page. Her top accomplishments, awards, and a career overview—a way to introduce those big names and her impact without the dates. Her most important accomplishments from her current role are enough for the reader to know that they’d like to meet her.

We chose to use CAR (challenge, action, results) stories to give a sense of her truly unique, far-reaching approaches to strengthen her brands. This gave depth to her recent roles. Since the critical information was covered on the first page, I felt comfortable that if the reader continued, they’d like the detail that three pages allowed. Still, I used descriptive headings and bolded bullets for easy scanning on a first read through.

Two callout boxes with testimonials allow the reader to hear Nancy’s work described in glowing terms by her current manager. Graphs make it easy to understand her financial and leadership impact at a glance.

Nancy’s early short tenures are summarized in an “Early Career” category, allowing her to reap the benefits of the experience without revealing the dates.

Result: Nancy used her documents to land a role as director of beauty products brand marketing for a $120B+ retail drug store and pharmaceutical company.

Once Upon a Resume is an ongoing series of case studies of real clients who’ve benefitted from a storytelling approach to their career documents. For more information, visit our contact page or call us at 312-566-8383.

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