2015 Goal Setting Step 1: Take a Nap! (Free Recording)

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Child sleeping below 2015 fireworks. Text reads: Want your career to explode in 2015? Step 1: Take a Nap

“A high level of velocity is impossible without refueling.” – Charisse Sisou

How has 2014 been for you? Did you accomplish what you wanted to in your career? In your life? Do the goals you set last January still resonate?

Have you been comparing your daily process to other people’s highlights reel?

Perhaps the year was a fantastic success and you’re wondering, “Now what?”

How do you know when it’s time to pull back and gather your resources and when it’s time for a big push? What should you do if your ego and your body/gut are giving you competing messages?


A New Year’s gift for you… 

For a couple of years, I’ve been buddy coaching with my close friend, Charisse Sisou, Chief Shimmy Officer at ClaimYourFeminine.com. As we approach our third New Year’s planning session and our second year of weekly and quarterly check-ins, we sat down and talked about how we’re approaching our goals for 2015.
In a world that is focused on constant output, we’ve learned the necessity of replenishment, time for honoring awkward growth phases, and planned self-care. The result of our pre-planning call was a conversation we wish we’d had years ago. So we recorded it to share with our inner circle.

(Hint: The ebbs and flows of productivity and replenishment we discuss regarding entrepreneurship are directly correlated to career goals. In an environment ripe with contracting, consulting, and short tenures, employees are smart to view their career strategies through an entrepreneurial lens.)

I almost didn’t share this conversation with you because it gets personal! But, I decided to walk my talk and bring my whole self to the table. The recording is your gift when you sign up for my newsletter here.


Key concepts from our talk include:


“A high level of velocity is impossible without refueling. You must gather your forces for that next outpouring.” – Charisse

“The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we’re doing change our reality.” – Kim

“That pregnant pause, that stillness where we’re gathering our strength and our energy, gathering our tribe and our internal forces is required to take that step forward outside of our comfort zone.” – Charisse

“There’s a missing step in the hero’s journey. You realize your truth and then you have this lonely walk back down the mountain, back to your village and nobody gets what you’re trying to do.” – Kim


To get the recording, just sign up here for my newsletter and get your career storytelling game on for 2015!

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