Job Search Trends for 2015: Tell Your Story, Get Your Dream Job (Plus: 4 Questions to Help You Do It)

February 5, 2015 at 10:26 pm Leave a comment

Storytelling is in my blood... here's my mom doing her professional storytelling thing way back in the '80s.

Storytelling is in my blood… here’s my mom doing her professional storytelling thing way back in the ’80s.

So, you’ve taken some time to replenish your energetic resources before tackling your big career goals in 2015.

Before you plaster your resume all over the internet in an attempt to capture your next great role, consider this:

2015 will be the year of the storyteller—both for job seekers and employers.

You see, the job market tides are turning. It will now be employers who have to hustle in order to attract top talent. They’ll realize they can no longer delay hiring for needed roles nor offer peanuts to desperate candidates and will up the ante by investing in their new hires and weaving a story that inspires them to jump out of bed and contribute each day.

It’s not enough for talented people to be well compensated. They want the work they do for 40 hours a week (or more) to align with their passions.

In the last few months, my clients, almost without exception, have expressed that a key factor in their next transition is that they want to do something they believe in. There seems to be a growing common consciousness that life is too short to do work you don’t love.

The way to attract top compensation and workplace joy in 2015 is to tell a compelling story about what you have to offer. As you prepare your resume, LinkedIn profile, and networking scripts, think about:


  1. What are the major trends you see in your field and/or industry?


  1. What opportunities and new possibilities are made possible by the new trends?


  1. What obstacles stand in the way of this progress?


  1. How has your work and life experience uniquely positioned you to influence and/or make the most of these trends?


These four questions will help you hone in on your story.

For job seekers, distinguishing yourself by getting your story and expertise out there on your own terms has never been more important. This means blogging, interacting with industry leaders in a visible way, and reaching out directly to hiring managers instead of relying heavily on job boards.

Storytelling is not just for kids. It’s the key to getting you to the interview table, and to a potential employer keeping your interest once you’re there!

May you work happily ever after!

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