Three Perspectives to Improve the Health of Your Healthcare Resume

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As a healthcare executive, you’ve dedicated your career to caring for others, either directly or through leadership. Deliberately crafting your healthcare resume is your chance to take care of yourself and capture the role and compensation you’ve earned.

Story and context are key. Stand-alone bullet points won’t cut it in an industry where maintaining the status quo, let alone making modest gains in quality and profitability, can mean moving heaven and earth. The three frameworks below should help you clarify your value.

Perspective 1: Structure and Innovation

Because the healthcare and medical industry is so highly regulated, your story should include your ability to innovate within that sometimes rigid structure. Have you developed a program that helps clients better navigate the healthcare system? Enabled your organization to better meet the conflicting needs of regulatory officials, patients and families? Contributed to a healthier bottom line without compromising care? Encouraged a culture that gives staff, patients, administrators and regulators confidence in your organization?

Perspective 2: Wealth of Experience and Specific Career Goals

The US Department of Labor has identified healthcare as an industry in which the number and types of jobs will continue to grow. Your career may have taken you in seemingly disparate directions—or you may have found yourself working for the same company for many years, trying to tell a story of broad experience as you face a career transition. Get clear on your current goal and look back to connect the dots for yourself. How have your work and life experience prepared you perfectly to contribute in  your ideal role? Once you’re clear, connect those dots for your reader with descriptive headlines and narrative job descriptions that go beyond “duties.”

Perspective 3: Vision and Visuals 

In the context of a healthcare resume, go beyond the basics (significant keywords, chronological history, lists of education and skills) to include a tag line, testimonials, and graphics that illustrate your philosophy as well as your contributions to financial and operational performance. Testimonials are especially effective in a field that places so much value on soft skills. They prove your ability to relate to and inspire individuals, as well as giving objective confirmation of your value to healthcare organizations.

You executive healthcare resume should highlight your organizational, financial, medical and soft skills and create a story that any recruiter or hiring committee can easily follow. It should strategically align your past career with your future goals, and it should set you apart from your competitors in the healthcare and medical industries.

Curious to know what a good healthcare resume looks like? You can view my first-place winners in the Healthcare Resume category here and here.

Need help? I’m just a phone call away.

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