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She Turned “Three No’s” Into a Nobel Prize


This month, Tu Youyou was the first Chinese woman to win the Nobel Prize. In her country she’s called the woman with the “three no’s.” No PhD, no medical degree, and no time working overseas.

Are there people or voices in your head telling you you’re not qualified to do the thing you’re called to? Make a list of all the reasons you’re not and imagine a story like this one about your future self. Are you “Woman With Five No’s Builds Multimilliondollar Tech Company”? How about “Man With Six No’s Brings Life-Changing Technology to Underserved Market”?

One of my no’s is that I’m a fulltime mother of three small children. I shouldn’t be able to be a great mom and a dedicated business woman, but here I am. If you listen closely, you’ll hear my little one in the background contributing to the video!

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