Word Resume Templates by Industry

This page is exclusively for members of my email list accessing Word templates by industry / function.

While these are organized according to how they were used originally, don’t be afraid to customize a template from another industry or function to your needs. Your resume should align with your brand as well as the sensibilities of your audience (e.g. don’t use a super creative format if you plan to apply for an accounting role or a very conservative look if you are a designer).


00111_Accounting_Finance proof

Kim Baker TORI Entry_Finance proofed


00111_creative proof

Marketing and Product Management Executive

Marketing Exec_GM_Consumer Goods

Marketing MENA Disparate Experience


00111_healthcare proof

Kim Baker TORI Entry_Healthcare_v1 proofed


Professional Services Exec Telecom Banking Energy

Telecom CRO COO


00111_executive.doc proof

00111_international proof

Construction Leader Resume

Kim Baker TORI Entry_Executive_v1 proofed

Kim Baker TORI Entry_International_v1 proof


00111_sales proof (1)

Retail Sales Executive_Outdoor Furniture


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